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  • Hurts So Good (6/7/2017) - Life is a funny little thing, its like trying to read a map and drink your coffee ¬†while driving a rig through LA during 5:00 traffic and not miss your exit. As I sit here tonight feeling the slight sting of a rib I broke two weeks ago and all the other ouches that go […]
  • What ARE you doing?! (9/20/2016) - What are you doing? In the normal civilized world this is a very basic question, but in our world it is the million dollar question. What world is that you ask? Welp it is the world of being a “Baby Vaquero” (Sounds cooler then assistant trainer) and this basic question becomes very very complicated. When […]
  • The perfect ride (4/7/2016) - There is a moment, a moment that time stands still for you and only you, a moment of complete focus and power. A moment when two become one, when every fear and doubt is washed away and only clarity remains. This is a moment every competitor dreams of and once its achieved it will be […]
  • The Why (3/8/2016) - Welcome to the CPH blog! This feature was added by my wonderful web designer because she believes there are folks out there that would like to hear my thoughts and follow my adventures in the horse world. So for starters I have relocated to Brush prairie Washington to begin my journey of learning the art […]