Hurts So Good

Life is a funny little thing, its like trying to read a map and drink your coffee  while driving a rig through LA during 5:00 traffic and not miss your exit. As I sit here tonight feeling the slight sting of a rib I broke two weeks ago and all the other ouches that go along with riding 11 head of colts I wonder why does this hurt so good? Why would any one want to come home from work every day wondering where this bruise came from or can I get my sports bra off or should I just sleep in it? Why oh Why?

Well there is a simple answer… We (horse trainers) are crazy. Yes I said crazy. Most of us decided at a young age that this is what we wanted to do for a living and would go to any length to become a well rounded and respected horseman.

What we didn’t know is what we would loose and  find along the way of becoming this. We knew about the aches and pains, we knew about the risk for little reward. All this was made aware to us by those that came before us, most of them saying don’t do it, even though they knew we would open Pandora’s box any way. So they helped us as best they could and sent us on our merry little way.

Lets start with the loosing, I can speak from experience when I say this isn’t the easiest map to follow. What works for one person may not work for the other. You have to use your head and follow your gut but sometimes things still don’t work out. You still loose sometimes, horses,jobs,Love,confidence, faith and sometimes even your mind. It’s all part of growing up and paying your dues.

BUT! It’s okay because all of that leads you to what you find. When all seems lost and you feel like dying alone in the blizzard, suddenly  the will wind shifts and comes from the south the snow starts to melt and you begin to see the first hints of spring. This leads us to the what we find.

We find where we belong, maybe its where you belong forever or just for awhile but it’s where you need to be to find your confidence and faith again, quiet your mind and lick your wounds. We find our people, people who have the same drive and determination, people who make you crack a smile when your about to loose you S*%t or sit in the dirt with you when you are down (sometimes literally) instead of just stepping over you. Then you find your feel, you maybe finding it again or for the first time but when you find it you’ll know, and  everything you have worked for and gone through will be totally worth it!


“Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday” 

John wayne 



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