What ARE you doing?!

What are you doing? In the normal civilized world this is a very basic question, but in our world it is the million dollar question. What world is that you ask? Welp it is the world of being a “Baby Vaquero” (Sounds cooler then assistant trainer) and this basic question becomes very very complicated. When your boss asks “What ARE you doing?”that my friends is usually your que to play turtle or armadillo(depending on what side of the country you are on) because you just made a poor decision and this is the most politically correct way any trainer can find to say “WTF”. And when your mom calls on Sunday and asks ” What ARE you doing?” She really means what are you doing with your life are you sure this is what you want? And when your friends text  you on Friday night and ask “What ARE you doing?” They aren’t really texting  to see if you want to go out because by this point in your life they know you won’t be going anywhere, because you either 1. Drew the short straw at the horse show to do  late night check or 2. You are sitting on the couch with an ice pack on your shoulders pealing bandaides off your blisters and wondering where that bruise came from.

So now that we have a meaning we need a few tips on how to respond..

  1. Don’t play turtle or armadillo. Doing this will ensure that you become the goat in Jurassic Park…we all know what happened to him. So just suck it up butter cup and fix your mistakes.
  2. Your family loves you and misses you and really reaaaaally hoped you would go to school and choose a career that had things like paid vacation, a 401k and a dental plan. But again they love you and support you, so accept that they are just looking out for you.
  3. At this point in your life and career just be thankful your friends still txt you! Seriously they are keepers! And say yes sometimes, its important to find balance.



“It wouldn’t be luck if you could get out of life alive” Guns N’ Roses




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