The Why

Welcome to the CPH blog! This feature was added by my wonderful web designer because she believes there are folks out there that would like to hear my thoughts and follow my adventures in the horse world.

So for starters I have relocated to Brush prairie Washington to begin my journey of learning the art of ┬áthe working cow horse. The cow horse is not only one of the fastest rising disciplines but it is also viewed as one of the toughest. When you mix together gritty horses with fearless horseman it’s an incredible thing, add in a cow and you can have an epic dance or an epic disaster.

So why have I decided to throw myself into this tornado you ask? Why would I want to ride an train these gritty little horses? Well I have one word for you… Purity. Because the working cow horse is purity, pure talent, pure grit, pure camaraderie and pure adrenaline.

So my friends I will leave you with the why and maybe later I’ll tell you about the where and the how! In the mean time I recommend checking out Down the fence the movie,


“As long as there is one cowboy taking care of one cow….It Ain’t Dead” Monte Walsh

2 thoughts on “The Why

  1. melinda cheetham says:

    I am searching for the four P’s! I think Anna will help me find and experience all four.

  2. Bette says:

    You can always tell an expert! Thanks for conubirtting.

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