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7 Jun

Hurts So Good

Life is a funny little thing, its like trying to read a map and drink your coffee  while driving a rig through LA during 5:00 traffic and not miss your exit. As I sit here tonight feeling the slight sting of a ...
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20 Sep

What ARE you doing?!

What are you doing? In the normal civilized world this is a very basic question, but in our world it is the million dollar question. What world is that you ask? Welp it is the world of being a "Baby Vaquero" (S...
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7 Apr

The perfect ride

There is a moment, a moment that time stands still for you and only you, a moment of complete focus and power. A moment when two become one, when every fear and doubt is washed away and only clarity remains. Th...
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Sam is truly a great horseman - not only does she train fantastic horses for a variety of disciplines, she also takes immaculate care of the...
Marija Hansen